Historic United States dollar Ghana Cedi

United States dollar ghana cedi history for May 2023. The highest quote for this month is 11.683 (15/05/2023) and the lowest 11.123 (31/05/2023). The difference between high and low is 4.79.

USD GHS average rate for May 2023 is 11.06025, the change between 01/05/2023 and 31/05/2023 is +5.1 %.

15 May 20231 USD = 11.59 GHS
17 May 20231 USD = 10.85 GHS
24 May 20231 USD = 10.80 GHS
31 May 20231 USD = 11.00 GHS

16/09/2019: Ghana Goes Cashless

The government launched the Ghana.Gov payment platform, aimed at promoting electronic payments and reducing cash transactions.

05/07/2012: GHS Symbol Change

The Bank of Ghana introduced a new currency symbol for the cedi, changing it from GHȼ to GHS.

03/07/2007: Decimals Dropped

The Bank of Ghana dropped four decimal places, making 1 new Ghanaian cedi = 1 GHȼ.

01/07/2002: Replacement of New Cedi

The new Ghanaian cedi, denoted as GHC, replaced the second cedi at a rate of 1 cedi = 10,000 cedis.

17/07/1978: Second Cedi Introduced

Due to high inflation, the second Ghanaian cedi was introduced with a new currency code, GHS.

19/07/1965: Cedi Introduced

The Ghanaian pound was replaced by the Ghanaian cedi at a rate of 1 pound = 2.4 cedis, symbolizing economic independence.

06/03/1957: Ghana's Independence

Ghana gained independence from British colonial rule, leading to the introduction of the Ghanaian pound as its currency.