Historic United States dollar Pound sterling

United States dollar pound sterling history for July 2023. The highest quote for this month is 0.78807 (05/07/2023) and the lowest 0.78529 (05/07/2023). The difference between high and low is 0.35.

USD GBP average rate for July 2023 is 0.78159, the change between 01/07/2023 and 31/07/2023 is +1.06 %.

05 July 20231 USD = 0.7863 GBP
25 July 20231 USD = 0.7805 GBP
31 July 20231 USD = 0.7780 GBP

23/06/2016: Brexit Referendum

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, causing significant uncertainty and volatility in the pound sterling's value.

31/12/1999: Establishment of the Euro

The euro was introduced as an electronic currency, paving the way for the eventual replacement of some national currencies, including the pound.

16/09/1992: Black Wednesday

The pound sterling experienced a severe drop in value and the UK was forced to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).

14/02/1971: Decimalization of the Pound

The pound sterling was decimalized, with the old system of pounds, shillings and pence replaced by a decimal currency.

06/12/1921: Currency Separation with Ireland

Following the Anglo-Irish Treaty, Ireland left the United Kingdom and established its own currency, leading to separate pound sterling notes.

21/12/1816: Gold Standard Introduced

The pound sterling was officially placed on the gold standard, meaning it was backed by a fixed amount of gold.

27/07/1694: Bank of England Established

The Bank of England was founded and granted a royal charter, becoming the central bank of England.