Historic United States dollar Malawian kwacha

United States dollar malawian kwacha history for March 2023. The highest quote for this month is 1044.8 (15/03/2023) and the lowest 1033 (15/03/2023). The difference between high and low is 1.13.

USD MWK average rate for March 2023 is 1011.855, the change between 01/03/2023 and 31/03/2023 is -0.96 %.

01 March 20231 USD = 1023.13 MWK
02 March 20231 USD = 1008.00 MWK
07 March 20231 USD = 1002.00 MWK
08 March 20231 USD = 1002.00 MWK
09 March 20231 USD = 1003.00 MWK
15 March 20231 USD = 1033.00 MWK

13/05/2020: Introduction of New Thousand Kwacha Banknotes

Malawi introduced new banknotes with higher denominations to address issues of inflation and to streamline transactions in a cash-based economy.

01/05/2016: Currency Floatation

The Malawian government allowed the kwacha to float freely against other currencies, leading to a significant depreciation of the currency.

07/08/2012: Introduction of New Kwacha Coins

Malawi introduced new coins to replace smaller denominations of the kwacha banknotes, facilitating transactions and reducing the cost of producing money.

10/04/2000: Introduction of New Kwacha Banknotes

Malawi introduced new banknotes with enhanced security features to combat counterfeiting and to modernize the currency.

14/06/1994: Malawi's First Multiparty Democratic Elections

Malawi held its first multiparty democratic elections, leading to a political and economic transition which affected the value of the kwacha.

01/09/1979: First Devaluation of the Kwacha

The Malawian government devalued the kwacha by 30% in response to economic challenges and to promote exports.

06/07/1971: Introduction of the Malawian Kwacha

The Malawian Kwacha (MWK) was introduced as the official currency of Malawi, replacing the Malawian pound at a rate of 2 kwacha = 1 pound.