Historic United States dollar Malawian kwacha

United States dollar malawian kwacha history since 17/07/2024 until today (0 years). Search for USD to MWK exchange rate history for a particular date, month or year.

is the currency (supplied by Federal Reserve Bank and the currency supplied by Reserve Bank of Malawi. The USD MWK historical data can be seen on the United States dollar malawian kwacha historical chart.

13/05/2020: Introduction of New Thousand Kwacha Banknotes

Malawi introduced new banknotes with higher denominations to address issues of inflation and to streamline transactions in a cash-based economy.

01/05/2016: Currency Floatation

The Malawian government allowed the kwacha to float freely against other currencies, leading to a significant depreciation of the currency.

07/08/2012: Introduction of New Kwacha Coins

Malawi introduced new coins to replace smaller denominations of the kwacha banknotes, facilitating transactions and reducing the cost of producing money.

10/04/2000: Introduction of New Kwacha Banknotes

Malawi introduced new banknotes with enhanced security features to combat counterfeiting and to modernize the currency.

14/06/1994: Malawi's First Multiparty Democratic Elections

Malawi held its first multiparty democratic elections, leading to a political and economic transition which affected the value of the kwacha.

01/09/1979: First Devaluation of the Kwacha

The Malawian government devalued the kwacha by 30% in response to economic challenges and to promote exports.

06/07/1971: Introduction of the Malawian Kwacha

The Malawian Kwacha (MWK) was introduced as the official currency of Malawi, replacing the Malawian pound at a rate of 2 kwacha = 1 pound.