Historic United States dollar Gambian dalasi

11/01/2021: New polymer banknotes

Polymer banknotes are introduced in The Gambia for the first time, replacing the previous paper banknotes to enhance durability and security.

06/08/2019: New family of banknotes

The Central Bank of The Gambia introduces a new family of Gambian dalasi banknotes with improved security features.

16/06/1997: Introduction of the 25 dalasis note

A new 25-dalasis banknote is introduced, featuring the portrait of President Jammeh, to commemorate 25 years of his rule.

22/07/1996: Change of banknotes and coins

New banknotes and coins featuring the portrait of President Jammeh are introduced, replacing the previous designs.

02/07/1987: Currency redenomination

The Gambian dalasi undergoes a redenomination, with 1 old dalasi being replaced by 10 new dalasis.

01/07/1977: Conversion to decimal currency

The Gambian dalasi is decimalized, with 1 dalasi being divided into 100 bututs.

27/07/1971: Introduction of the Gambian dalasi

The Gambian dalasi currency is introduced to replace the Gambian pound as the official currency of The Gambia.