Historic Swazi lilangeni Qatari Rial

Swazi lilangeni qatari rial history for March 2024. The highest quote for this month is 0.19467 (12/03/2024) and the lowest 0.19728 (11/03/2024). The difference between high and low is -1.34.

SZL QAR average rate for March 2024 is 0.19362, the change between 01/03/2024 and 31/03/2024 is -3.17 %.

01 March 20241 SZL = 0.1897 QAR
03 March 20241 SZL = 0.1907 QAR
04 March 20241 SZL = 0.1923 QAR
05 March 20241 SZL = 0.1926 QAR
06 March 20241 SZL = 0.1937 QAR
07 March 20241 SZL = 0.1932 QAR
08 March 20241 SZL = 0.1965 QAR
10 March 20241 SZL = 0.1946 QAR
11 March 20241 SZL = 0.1974 QAR
12 March 20241 SZL = 0.1957 QAR

01/01/2021: Launch of a digital currency pilot program

Qatar announced the launch of a pilot program to test the use of a digital currency as part of its efforts to introduce blockchain technology in the financial sector.

05/06/2017: Qatar diplomatic crisis affects the currency

Following the diplomatic crisis and blockade imposed by neighboring countries, the Qatari rial faced volatility and depreciated against major currencies.

27/05/2015: Qatari rial pegged to a basket of currencies

The Qatari rial's peg was diversified to include a basket of currencies, reducing its dependence on the US dollar.

08/06/2001: Creation of the Qatar Central Bank

The Qatar Central Bank was established to replace the Qatar Currency Board and assume the responsibility of regulating the Qatari rial.

27/07/1997: Qatar Currency Board established

The Qatar Currency Board was established to regulate the issuance and circulation of the Qatari rial and maintain its stability.

27/03/1976: Currency pegged to the US Dollar

The Qatari rial was pegged to the US dollar at a fixed exchange rate of 1 USD = 3.64 QAR to stabilize its value and promote trade.

24/06/1973: Introduction of Qatari Rial

Qatar officially introduced the Qatari rial as its currency, replacing the Gulf rupee at a rate of 1 rial = 1.65 rupees.