Historic Pakistani rupee Peruvian sol

Pakistani rupee peruvian sol history since 16/04/2024 until today (0 years). Search for PKR to PEN exchange rate history for a particular date, month or year.

is the currency (supplied by State Bank of Pakistan and the currency supplied by Central Reserve Bank of Peru. The PKR PEN historical data can be seen on the Pakistani rupee peruvian sol historical chart.

27/07/2020: Transition to Sol

Peru announced the removal of 'Nuevo' from the currency's name, making it officially known as the Sol once again.

16/07/2019: IMF Bailout Package

Pakistan reached an agreement with the IMF for a three-year, $6 billion bailout package to address its balance of payments crisis, affecting the value of the Pakistani rupee.

15/12/2015: Introduction of New Sol Banknotes

New series of banknotes featuring improved security features and designs were introduced for the Nuevo Sol.

11/12/2013: IMF Loan Program

Pakistan signed a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to stabilize its economy, resulting in devaluation of the Pakistani rupee.

01/12/2008: Global Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis led to a depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against major international currencies due to economic instability.

28/05/1999: Introduction of State Bank of Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan was given full autonomous control over the monetary policy, which had a significant impact on the value of the Pakistani rupee.

01/10/1995: Introduction of Nuevo Sol

The Peruvian Sol was revalued and renamed as the Nuevo Sol, with a new currency code of PEN.

01/07/1991: Return to the Sol

Peru reintroduced the Sol as its official currency, replacing the Inti at a rate of 1 million Intis to 1 Sol.

01/02/1985: Creation of the Inti

The Peruvian Inti was created to replace the Sol as the official currency as part of an economic reform plan.

16/12/1971: Separation of East Pakistan

Following the separation of East Pakistan and the formation of Bangladesh, the Pakistani rupee underwent a major devaluation.

01/07/1955: Replacement of Indian Rupee

The Pakistani rupee replaced the Indian rupee as the official currency of Pakistan after the two countries separated.

17/08/1947: Independence of Pakistan

The Pakistani rupee was introduced as the official currency of Pakistan after the country gained independence from British rule.

01/07/1880: Adoption of the Sol de Oro Standard

Peru adopted the Sol de Oro standard, pegging the Sol to gold at a fixed rate.

23/11/1850: Introducción of Peruvian Sol

The Peruvian Sol was introduced as the official currency of Peru to replace the Spanish real.