Historic Macanese pataca United States dollar

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is the currency (supplied by Monetary Authority of Macau and the currency supplied by Federal Reserve Bank. The MOP USD historical data can be seen on the Macanese pataca united states dollar historical chart.

20/12/2019: Macao–Hong Kong Financial Cooperation Agreement signed

The Macau and Hong Kong authorities signed a financial cooperation agreement to strengthen monetary and financial stability, impacting the value and role of the Macanese pataca.

08/05/1995: Currency board system implemented

Macau adopted a currency board system, establishing a fixed exchange rate between the Macanese pataca and the Hong Kong dollar.

20/10/1977: Internationalization of the pataca

Macau allowed the international use and exchange of the Macanese pataca, strengthening its role as a stable and convertible currency.

08/06/1967: Link with Portuguese escudo reestablished

The Macanese pataca was once again pegged to the Portuguese escudo, ending the gold standard era.

18/06/1948: Gold standard introduced

The Macanese pataca switched to the gold standard, with its value pegged to gold coins. The gold standard lasted until 1967.

17/03/1906: Silver standard established

Macau adopted the silver standard for the pataca, linking its value to silver coins in circulation. This standard remained in place until 1948.

27/10/1901: Introduction of Macanese pataca

The Macanese pataca was first introduced as the official currency of Macau, replacing the Portuguese real. It was initially pegged to the Portuguese escudo.