Historic Indian Rupee United States dollar

Indian Rupee united states dollar history for June 2023. The highest quote for this month is 0.012195 (19/06/2023) and the lowest 0.012217 (16/06/2023). The difference between high and low is -0.18.

INR USD average rate for June 2023 is 0.01216, the change between 01/06/2023 and 30/06/2023 is -0.35 %.

02 June 20231 INR = 0.0122 USD
03 June 20231 INR = 0.0121 USD
09 June 20231 INR = 0.0121 USD
10 June 20231 INR = 0.0121 USD
12 June 20231 INR = 0.0121 USD
13 June 20231 INR = 0.0121 USD
16 June 20231 INR = 0.0122 USD
19 June 20231 INR = 0.0122 USD
20 June 20231 INR = 0.0122 USD
26 June 20231 INR = 0.0122 USD

24/03/2020: COVID-19 Impact on Indian Rupee

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused significant volatility in the Indian Rupee exchange rate, leading to depreciation against major international currencies.

08/11/2016: Demonetization

The Indian government announced the demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1,000 banknotes, requiring individuals to exchange or deposit their old currency notes at banks.

03/07/2007: Indian Rupee Symbol

The Indian Rupee was given its own unique symbol ₹, representing the integration of the Indian Rupee into the global currency landscape.

21/06/1991: Liberalization of Indian Economy

India initiated economic reforms, including the liberalization of foreign exchange controls. This led to the beginning of the exchange rate regime reforms for the Indian Rupee.

24/06/1957: Decimalization of Indian Rupee

The Indian Rupee was decimalized, dividing it into 100 paise. This change simplified the currency system and introduced a uniform monetary system across the country.

15/08/1947: Indian Independence

India gained independence from British rule, leading to the establishment of the Reserve Bank of India as the central bank and the Indian Rupee as the official currency.

01/01/1862: Introduction of Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee was introduced by the British government as the official currency of British India. It replaced various local and foreign currencies that were in circulation.