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Surinamese dollar romanian leu history since 18/07/2024 until today (0 years). Search for SRD to RON exchange rate history for a particular date, month or year.

is the currency (supplied by Central Bank of Suriname and the currency supplied by National Bank of Romania. The SRD RON historical data can be seen on the Surinamese dollar romanian leu historical chart.

01/04/2019: Romania plans to adopt the euro

The Romanian government announces its intention to join the Eurozone and set a target date for adopting the euro as the national currency.

01/01/2019: Redenomination of the Surinamese dollar

The Surinamese dollar underwent a redenomination with 1 new dollar (SRD) being equal to 1,000 old dollars (SRG).

01/01/2011: Introduction of new banknotes

New banknotes with updated designs and security features were introduced to replace the older series of Surinamese dollar banknotes.

01/06/2005: Currency redenomination

Romania underwent a currency redenomination, with 10,000 old lei being exchanged for 1 new leu, to simplify transactions and eliminate zeros.

01/01/2004: Replacement of banknotes

New banknotes were introduced with enhanced security features to replace the older series of Surinamese dollar banknotes.

01/07/2003: Romania joins EU Accession

As part of joining the European Union, Romania pledges to adopt the euro in the future, aiming for greater economic integration.

23/12/1991: Devaluation of the Surinamese dollar

The Surinamese dollar was devalued by 100%, resulting in an exchange rate of 1 dollar to 200 guilders.

28/02/1991: End of communist era

As communism collapsed, Romania undergoes economic reforms and introduces a free-floating exchange rate system for the leu.

01/10/1985: Introduction of the Surinamese dollar

The Surinamese dollar was introduced as the new currency of Suriname at a rate of 1 dollar to 1,000 guilders.

01/01/1962: Introduction of the Surinamese guilder

The Surinamese guilder was introduced as the official currency of Suriname, replacing the Dutch guilder.

31/12/1954: Independence of Suriname

Suriname gained independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, leading to the introduction of the Surinamese guilder as its official currency.

30/12/1947: Communist regime introduces new leu

In an attempt to devalue the currency and control the economy, the Communist regime introduces a new leu at a ratio of 1:20,000.

01/03/1901: Introduction of the gold standard

Romanian leu was tied to the gold standard, ensuring the stability of the currency and attracting foreign investments.

01/04/1867: Creation of the Romanian leu

The leu was established as the official currency of Romania, replacing the previous currencies in circulation.