Historic Gambian dalasi Mexican peso

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is the currency (supplied by Central Bank of the Gambia and the currency supplied by Bank of Mexico. The GMD MXN historical data can be seen on the Gambian dalasi mexican peso historical chart.

11/01/2021: New polymer banknotes

Polymer banknotes are introduced in The Gambia for the first time, replacing the previous paper banknotes to enhance durability and security.

06/08/2019: New family of banknotes

The Central Bank of The Gambia introduces a new family of Gambian dalasi banknotes with improved security features.

20/06/2012: Mexican Peso Becomes the Most Traded Emerging Market Currency

The Mexican peso surpassed the Brazilian real to become the most traded currency among emerging markets, reflecting Mexico's growing economic importance.

01/01/2003: Introduction of the New Peso Symbol

The Mexican peso adopted a new symbol, replacing the old symbol (₱) with a capital 'P' with double horizontal lines (MXN) to symbolize the currency.

16/06/1997: Introduction of the 25 dalasis note

A new 25-dalasis banknote is introduced, featuring the portrait of President Jammeh, to commemorate 25 years of his rule.

22/07/1996: Change of banknotes and coins

New banknotes and coins featuring the portrait of President Jammeh are introduced, replacing the previous designs.

20/12/1994: Tequila Crisis

Mexico experienced a severe economic crisis and an abrupt devaluation of the peso as a result of the devaluation of the Thai baht, causing investors to flee emerging markets.

01/01/1993: Implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

NAFTA came into effect, promoting trade and investment between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, leading to increased stability and growth in the Mexican economy.

06/07/1988: Introduction of the New Peso

Due to hyperinflation and currency devaluation, Mexico introduced a new currency, called the New Peso, where 1000 old pesos were replaced by 1 new peso.

02/07/1987: Currency redenomination

The Gambian dalasi undergoes a redenomination, with 1 old dalasi being replaced by 10 new dalasis.

12/08/1982: Mexican Debt Crisis

Mexico defaulted on its external debt, leading to a sharp devaluation of the peso and a severe economic crisis, requiring an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

01/07/1977: Conversion to decimal currency

The Gambian dalasi is decimalized, with 1 dalasi being divided into 100 bututs.

27/07/1971: Introduction of the Gambian dalasi

The Gambian dalasi currency is introduced to replace the Gambian pound as the official currency of The Gambia.

13/08/1970: Devaluation of the Peso

In response to global inflation, the Mexican government devalued the peso by 20% against the US dollar, leading to economic instability and a decline in purchasing power.