Historic Cape Verdean escudo Swiss franc

Cape Verdean escudo swiss franc history since 17/07/2024 until today (0 years). Search for CVE to CHF exchange rate history for a particular date, month or year.

is the currency (supplied by Bank of Cape Verde and the Swiss franc the currency of Switzerland supplied by Swiss National Bank. The CVE CHF historical data can be seen on the Cape Verdean escudo swiss franc historical chart.

04/05/2020: COVID-19 impact on currency

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its economic consequences led to a depreciation of the Cape Verdean escudo against major international currencies due to reduced tourism and economic activity.

30/09/2017: New escudo banknotes issued

Cape Verde introduced a new series of banknotes for the escudo, featuring enhanced security features, updated designs, and improved durability.

15/01/2015: Removal of Minimum Exchange Rate

The Swiss National Bank unexpectedly abandoned the minimum exchange rate, causing the Swiss franc (CHF) to surge in value.

31/12/2014: End of the peg to the euro

Cape Verde decided to abandon the peg to the euro, shifting to a managed float exchange rate system to allow the currency to fluctuate based on market forces.

06/09/2011: Implementation of Minimum Exchange Rate

The Swiss National Bank imposed a minimum exchange rate pegging the Swiss franc (CHF) to the Euro to prevent excessive appreciation.

01/01/2005: Decimalization of the escudo

The Cape Verdean escudo underwent a decimalization process, with the subdivision of 1 escudo into 100 centavos.

13/09/1999: Introduction of Euro

Switzerland decided not to join the Eurozone and maintain the Swiss franc (CHF) as its official currency.

01/01/1998: Currency pegged to the euro

The Cape Verdean escudo was pegged to the euro at a fixed exchange rate of 1 euro = 110.265 CVE, ensuring stability and facilitating trade.

17/11/1977: Introduction of the new escudo

A new version of the Cape Verdean escudo was introduced, replacing the previous version with a new design and updated security features.

05/07/1975: Independence of Cape Verde

The Cape Verdean escudo (CVE) was officially adopted as the currency of Cape Verde upon gaining independence from Portugal.

08/05/1973: Floatation of Swiss Franc

Switzerland abandoned the fixed exchange rate system, allowing the Swiss franc (CHF) to float freely against other currencies.

01/05/1936: Introduction of Swiss National Bank

The Swiss National Bank was established as the central bank responsible for issuing and managing the Swiss franc (CHF).

24/11/1907: Gold Standard Referendum

Switzerland voted to adopt the gold standard, making the Swiss franc (CHF) fully convertible into gold.

06/06/1850: Currency Act of 1850

The Swiss franc (CHF) was introduced as the official currency of Switzerland.