Historic United States dollar Jordanian dinar

17/03/2020: COVID-19 Impact on the Dinar

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences significantly impacted the value and stability of the Jordanian dinar.

10/11/2019: Announcement of Digitizing the Dinar

The Central Bank of Jordan announced its plan to digitize the Jordanian dinar to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

15/12/2013: Launch of the New 50 Dinar Note

A new 50 dinar banknote featuring King Abdullah II was released, replacing the old design.

01/01/2001: Introduction of New Dinar Notes

New banknotes of the Jordanian dinar were introduced with enhanced security features.

01/07/1989: Devaluation of the Dinar

The Jordanian dinar was devalued by 50% to stimulate exports and economic growth.

01/03/1965: Replacement of Filas

The filas, a fractional unit of the dinar, were replaced by smaller denomination coins.

01/04/1950: Introduction of the Jordanian Dinar

The Jordanian dinar was introduced as the official currency of Jordan, replacing the Palestine pound.