Historic Kazakhstani tenge United States dollar

Kazakhstani tenge united states dollar history for March 2023. The highest quote for this month is 0.002279 (09/03/2023) and the lowest 0.002309 (02/03/2023). The difference between high and low is -1.32.

KZT USD average rate for March 2023 is 0.00227, the change between 01/03/2023 and 31/03/2023 is +3.49 %.

01 March 20231 KZT = 0.0023 USD
02 March 20231 KZT = 0.0023 USD
07 March 20231 KZT = 0.0023 USD
08 March 20231 KZT = 0.0023 USD
09 March 20231 KZT = 0.0023 USD
15 March 20231 KZT = 0.0022 USD

13/12/2021: Introduction of New Banknotes and Coins

New banknotes and coins were introduced, featuring updated designs, improved security features, and denominations. This aims to enhance the efficiency of cash transactions.

03/04/2017: Transition to Free Float

After gradually reducing interventions, Kazakhstan fully transitioned to a free float exchange rate for the tenge, allowing the market to determine its value.

20/08/2015: Tenge Devaluation

Kazakhstan devalued the tenge by around 30% due to falling oil prices and economic instability. This move aimed to boost exports and protect the economy.

19/04/2004: Introduction of New Banknotes

New banknotes with enhanced security features and updated designs were introduced to combat counterfeiting and modernize the currency.

04/10/1999: Floating Exchange Rate

Kazakhstan switched to a floating exchange rate regime, allowing the tenge to fluctuate freely based on market supply and demand.

15/02/1994: Denomination of Tenge

The tenge underwent a 10,000-fold denomination, where 1 new tenge was equal to 10,000 old tenge. This was done to simplify currency handling and eliminate excessive zeros.

15/11/1993: Introduction of Kazakhstani Tenge

The Kazakhstani tenge was introduced as the new currency of Kazakhstan, replacing the Soviet ruble. The exchange rate was set at 1 tenge = 500 rubles.