Historic Guyanese dollar United States dollar

01/01/2020: Transition to Polymer Banknotes

Polymer banknotes were introduced in Guyana, enhancing the durability and security features of the Guyanese dollar.

03/02/2003: Redenomination of the Currency

The Guyanese dollar underwent a redenomination, with old banknotes replaced by new notes at a rate of 1,000 old dollars to 1 new dollar.

05/10/1992: Resumption of Banking System

The resumption of the banking system in Guyana significantly improved the stability and accessibility of the Guyanese dollar.

26/05/1966: Independence of Guyana

Following Guyana's independence from Britain, the currency was renamed from British Guiana dollar to Guyanese dollar.

12/09/1951: Currency Board Established

A Currency Board was established to manage the British Guiana dollar, ensuring its stability and convertibility.

06/08/1917: Currency Act of 1917

The British Guiana dollar was revalued at a rate of 4.80 dollars to 1 U.S. dollar, following the Currency Act of 1917.

18/01/1839: Introduction of the British Guiana dollar

British Guiana dollar introduced as the official currency of British Guiana, replacing the Spanish and Portuguese coins previously in circulation.