Historic Aruban florin United States dollar

Aruban florin united states dollar history for July 2023. The highest quote for this month is 0.55866 (25/07/2023) and the lowest 0.55866 (25/07/2023). The difference between high and low is 0.

AWG USD average rate for July 2023 is 0.55814, the change between 01/07/2023 and 31/07/2023 is -0.14 %.

05 July 20231 AWG = 0.5579 USD
25 July 20231 AWG = 0.5579 USD
31 July 20231 AWG = 0.5587 USD

01/03/2018: Redenomination of the Aruban florin

Aruba redenominated its currency, replacing 1,000 florins with 1 florin, simplifying transactions and reducing the size of banknotes.

01/01/2011: Introduction of polymer banknotes

Aruba introduced polymer banknotes, made from a durable and secure polymer substrate, to enhance the durability and security of its currency.

01/01/2003: Replacement of older banknotes

Older series of banknotes were phased out and replaced by newer and more secure banknotes featuring enhanced anti-counterfeiting measures.

01/01/2000: Adoption of new currency symbol

The Aruban florin adopted a new symbol, ƒ, to distinguish itself from other currencies.

01/01/1993: Currency reform

A currency reform took place in Aruba, with the introduction of a new series of banknotes and the demonetization of certain older banknotes.

01/01/1990: Introduction of the guilders coins

Aruba introduced its own series of coins denominated in guilders, featuring unique designs and symbols reflective of Aruban culture.

01/01/1986: Introduction of the Aruban florin

The Aruban florin was established as the official currency of Aruba, replacing the Dutch guilder at a fixed rate of 1.79 florin to 1 guilder.